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5 Steps to Build Brand Loyalty

Growing a loyal customer base should be a fundamental objective of a digital marketing strategy. A loyal customer base can be a company’s best and most effective sales force.

Here are five steps to build into that DM strategy to help ensure success.


1. Know your customer better. Analyse who and where they are. Understand their likes and motivations.

2. Prepare your story. Talk to your prospects’ needs and interest and you will gain their attention.

3. Personalise. Segmenting your prospects into different groups, perhaps industry sectors, means you can deliver more personalised messages and content to them.

4. Quality and consistency. Your communications should reflect your brand image and values.

5. Encourage feedback. Ask for reviews and testimonials and share them with your customers and prospects.

How can a Social Relationship Platform help your Brand?

Sept2015 Infographic_SocialMediaManagement_LowResWhether you’re a company of two or 200, what you say about yourself is much less relevant than what your customers say about you in the online world. Online reviews have super powers. A social relationship management platform is what you need to manage your online reputation and continue wooing your target audience!

Here is a handy checklist on what a good social relationship management platform can help you accomplish:


  • Assign tasks
  • Notify users
  • Customize workflows, automate frequently used actions
  • Schedule, create posts for publication
  • Consolidate team’s activity for tracking and management


  • Develop a unified and consistent brand voice
  • Publish content across multiple social networks
  • Use a content library to distribute approved content
  • Provide quick and easy access to FAQs
  • Aggregate social activity
  • Target specific audiences


  • Identify influencers
  • Leverage threaded views to grasp the full context around interactions
  • Aggregate and measure online engagement
  • Set and measure campaign successes and challenges
  • Report at the departmental, regional and brand level
  • Attribute dollar amounts to types of engagement

2 Surprising Truths About Viral Content (And 2 Things it Means for your Business) – eBook

Viral Content is any content that spreads quickly via social media and is viewed, read and shared hundred or thousands of times. Viral marketing is the creation of content designed to ‘go viral’.

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Marketing Automation for Increased Sales and Leads

Marketing automation techniques can help you target more effectively and the scale up your marketing to increase the number and quality of your leads and sales.

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1. Research your audience to understand their motivations, and segment where possible

2. Implement email marketing campaigns

3. Use personalised landing pages

4. Be ready to interact and engage with prospects reacting to marketing initiatives

5. Use curated content to develop relationships with prospects