2014 Year in Review – Digital Marketing In 2015

December is usually a polarized month for businesses. If you’re in retail, things are hectic; for the majority of other businesses, December often slows to a crawl. This article is aimed at those of you ducking out of the office to do Christmas shopping, and generally spending December with visions of sugarplums dancing in your head. Christmas is awesome, but there will be time enough to celebrate. You know it’s going to be slow, so instead of dwelling on a lack of business, why not take an introspective look at 2014 and couple it with a peek into the future?

Be honest in your self-assessment. Did your business execute on its digital marketing strategy in 2014? What worked and what didn’t? What steps can you take in order to do better marketing in 2015?

At WSI, 2014 was all about helping businesses and marketers do things the right way. The digital space is complex because there’s more than one way to execute a strategy or tactic. In 2014, we focused on teaching people how to avoid common marketing mistakes and take advantage of tactics that could launch them ahead of their competitors.

We believe that if you tuned in for our monthly videos, webinars, newsletters and blog posts, you are in great shape to do exceptional digital marketing in 2015. However, in case you missed our best stuff, here’s a quick reminder of the top digital marketing mistakes to avoid and some resolutions you can actually stick to for the coming year.

Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid:

Remaining Stagnant: if there’s one thing we stressed in 2014, it’s the need to embrace change. A great way to ensure your business keeps moving is by implementing AdaptiveSEO™, a new and agile method of search marketing.

Wasting Marketing Pounds: with so many tactics and strategies competing for your marketing pounds, it’s easy to throw your budget down the drain. Throughout 2014, we talked about how to prevent the pitfalls of a leaky-bucket PPC campaign and conversely, how much value there is in social ads.

Company Focused Content: more companies are buying in to content marketing, which is great. But the influx of marketers deploying content strategies also means an increase in common content marketing mistakes. The fewer mistakes you make, the more successful you’ll be.

Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015

Future of Digital Marketing 2015 Infographic

Inspiration for 2015

Christmas is a time for reflection, in both our personal and business lives.

This short video shares some thoughts  to inspire you when looking forward to 2015.

What will you do different next year?

Changing Times – Digital Marketing In 2015

To quote the great Bob Dylan in his iconic song: the times they are a-changin’. This is true of many things in our world, not the least of which is the landscape of the Internet (and digital marketing’s place within the online realm). But there’s no need to get dramatic; whether or not you realize, the times are always a-changin’ when it comes to digital marketing. Tactics and strategies that worked five years ago are no longer effective, and the almost-daily updates of Google’s search algorithm stand as a reminder to businesses and digital marketing companies that the game can change at any time.

The key, as it is with most things in constant flux, is to stay ahead of the curve (or at least as close to it as possible). Money is made on the stock market by staking dollars on the futures of companies. Sports teams build dynasties by predicting the abilities of amateur-level athletes and maximizing their salary cap dollars. Professional careers are built on portfolios and achievements that profile successful futures. People and businesses don’t excel by repeating themselves year after year; they prosper by enhancing, pivoting and changing.

Understanding how, when and why to change

In digital marketing, the biggest reason to shift is the fact that consumers are changing the way they buy products and services. If you and your business are still trying to engage, connect and sell to consumers or other businesses the same way you were ten, five or even three years ago, it’s not going to work. Technological advances and the development of the digital space into a living, breathing market has given consumers more power and knowledge than ever before. For example, Statista predicts that tablets will out-ship laptop and desktop computers by 2016. Consumers are no longer playing on your turf; you’re playing on theirs.

If you want to succeed in today’s hyperactive, digital business world, you need to exist in the same places and spaces as your customers. That means developing a web presence driven by high-quality content and graphic design. Keeping up with customers means maintaining an active social media presence in order to listen, communicate and engage with your audience. It means embracing the mobile movement and experimenting with marketing on tablets and smartphone devices. Most importantly, it means plugging your business into the ebbs and flows of the digital world, because that’s exactly what your customers are doing.

Video- 5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2015

The digital marketing landscape continues to evolve and change, driven by the demands of our customers and by the supporting technologies.

In this short video, WSI has polished its crystal ball to identify five trends which we believe will increase in importance during 2015. There will undoubtedly be others, but these are relevant to almost every business and will help make 2015 a success.

In Summary:

1. Marketing is the responsibility of everyone. Every member of staff can and should make a positive impact through social media.

2. Content is definitely king! Businesses need to regularly publish a mix of content to help prospects at different stages of the buying cycle.

3. Focus on the improving the customer experience.

4. Aim to develop conversations with customers to increase engagement. The days of ‘shout’ marketing have passed.

5. Be mobile accessible. This was also a major trend on 2014, and 2013, and cannot be ignored any longer!!


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