Attract New Customers with Content Marketing in 5 Simple Steps

Effective content marketing can improve your company’s web visibility, increase traffic levels and help nurture existing prospects to become clients.

This video outlines 5 key steps to content marketing excellence:-
1. Know your own USP
2. Research your target audience
3. Understand your customers’ buying cycle
4. Create relevant, engaging content
5. Develop a content publishing calendar to manage implementation.


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Content Marketing Mistakes Could Be Damaging Your Strategy

It’s no secret that content marketing has exploded over the last few years. Everywhere you look there’s content, content and more content. For a while, marketers were extremely excited that so many businesses were on board with such an effective digital marketing tactic. But as content is churned out at an increasing rate, it’s become painfully obvious that the Internet is now saturated with too much content.

You’re thinking, “If content is so great, how could there ever be too much of it?” The problem is the wide range of quality in the mass amounts of content being produced – and the unfortunate fact that most of it just isn’t very good. There’s a huge misconception about content marketing that seems to be the root cause of a lot of struggling content strategies: content doesn’t work the way most people think it does.

As the demand for content continues to rise, businesses and even marketers are losing sight of the actual function of content marketing. When a company publishes a blog post and people read, like and share it, the blog should be considered a success. However, many businesses believe that since their piece of content did well, anybody who reads it will immediately make a purchase. That’s not how content works.

Be Passionate About Your Customers

What all of this means is that you need to start differentiating your content and help it rise to the top of the content food chain. There’s no reason to stop creating content, but you also can’t ignore the fact that it’s becoming harder to get content in front of enough people for it to be effective. One of the easiest ways you can start to re-think your content strategy is by getting to know your customers.

Instead of putting your company or even your customers’ potential interest in your products first, just become passionate about your customers and who they are. Once you’re familiar with your customers’ likes, dislikes, occupations, personality types and what they spend their money on, you can put yourself in their shoes and essentially become a customer. What better way to find out what kind of content they really want to read?

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Are Customer Personas Necessary For Effective Marketing?

Since failing to create customer personas and targeting content are two of the most critical content marketing mistakes businesses are making, the answer is absolutely yes.

Ultimately, it comes down to another question: do you want to do exceptional marketing? With great marketing comes great responsibility, the first of which is getting to know your customers like they’re old friends. In reality, creating customer personas is the shortcut to learning about your customers and it’s an exercise that every business can learn from. If you aren’t keen on doing market research and building your products and services around the customers who will buy them, chances are you’re going to have problems selling – content or no content.

Creating customer personas is about becoming familiar with your customers’ likes and dislikes, personality types, occupations and their motivations for wanting your products and services.

Content marketing isn’t quick or easy but it’s certainly one of the most worthwhile digital marketing strategies you can invest in. If you can’t find the time or energy, you should never be afraid to outsource and delegate to experts.

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WSI announces strategic alliance with Yahoo Bing Network

Last week, WSI, the world’s leading digital marketing company announced its strategic alliance with Yahoo Bing Network. The Yahoo Bing Network is a paid search (PPC) marketplace that displays ads on Bing, Yahoo Search and their partner sites.

Yahoo Bing Network

The strategic agreement will provide the WSI network seamless access to Yahoo Bing’s expanding markets, as well as opportunities to tap into its substantial expert resources and knowledge base. The alliance is also expected to help the two organisations further strengthen and enhance their brand credibility and awareness by mutual association.

Kelly Thomas Nojaim, Director, Bing Ads,“WSI is a leader in providing digital marketing solutions to businesses of varied sizes from diverse industries worldwide. This alliance will combine our brand power, knowledge base and marketing strengths with WSI’s extensive network and expertise to create great value for all our stakeholders.”

This new alliance is a reinforcement of WSI’s growing network and its alignment as a recognized and trusted brand, it is also a reflection of the organisation’s continued efforts to forge strong alliances to reinforce its leading position in the digital marketing industry.

The full press announcement is available here.


How to Master Social Selling

The Selling Process

While it may seem like a daunting task, getting into a daily social selling routine is relatively simple. It just takes 30 to 60 minutes a day and a lot of practice, patience and determination. To get you started, here’s a look at our framework for a social selling routine:

  • Choose platforms: do some poking around and try to determine which social platforms are most popular in your market. Pick two to start – you can’t afford to be overwhelmed or discouraged. Get used to the social environments of each platform and set up and optimise your profiles.
  • Research and share: one of the keys to social media is sharing the right content. Don’t just share the first article you find and never share something you haven’t completely read. Do your research and only recommend posts and articles that you truly believe bring value and enrichment to your potential customers.
  • Connect: whether it’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ it’s easy to see who is engaging with you socially. So ensure that you connect, follow, add or circle anybody that seems interested and, you know, be social!
  • Measure and follow-up: an upside to social selling is that every social platform is easy to use, no matter your location or device. This means you can cut down on speed-to-lead time by quickly engaging with people who share your content and immediately responding to messages and inquiries, even while you’re on the go.

This has simply been a brief outline as to why you need to consider social selling and how you can get started. Dedicated social selling is becoming more important to keeping up with the competition and meeting your sales goals. For further information or guidance on how to better understand and develop a social selling strategy, get in touch with WSI Chester today on 01928 787026!