Remarketing – A Second Chance To Win Back Your Customers

Whatever industry you’re in, you should be thinking about ways to have multiple engagements with your customers (instead of aiming for a single conversion). Few e-commerce transactions results from just a single visit to a website.

As part of that multi-engagement strategy, Remarketing is the perfect way to improve your chances of winning back your customers once they leave your site.

Let’s say a consumer arrives on your homepage and cruises around your site for five minutes. They read some of your content, check out your products, and then head back to Google. If you’ve invested in any kind of remarketing, you can now ‘follow’ this customer and present them with banners that keep them aware of your brand. It might seem like a subtle touch, but when push comes to shove, it can absolutely make the difference between this consumer buying from you over your competitor.

If three companies have similar sites that accurately highlight their products with quality content, how will the consumer choose which one to buy from? It could be customer service, word-of-mouth, or customer reviews. But it could also be a remarketing banner that eventually leads the consumer back to your site for a second or third time, by keeping your brand and products at the forefront of their mind.

People sometimes ask whether remarketing will annoy customers and actually make them less likely to purchase. Recent research published in the US indicated that while 58% of online shoppers noticed online ads for products they had looked up before,  30%  had a positive reaction to these retargeted ad and only 11% felt negative about seeing retargeted ads.

Google Adwords is probably the most commonly used remarketing platform, however other remarketing advertising channels are available including social media such as Facebook.

Video – How Remarketing Can Improve Your Online Sales

Remarketing lets your ads be shown to people who have visited your website before, encouraging them to return to your site.

Most e-commerce transactions only take place after a customer has made multiple visits to a site. Remarketing is therefore a very effective mechanism for maintaining the conversation with a prospect and encouraging re-engagement, while raising brand at the same time.

The short video below reviews  four important benefits delivered through use of these tools.

A number of remarketing advertising channels are available including Google Adwords and Facebook.

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The Decline and Fall of the One-Stop Shop (Online!)

According to a study conducted by Google, 47% of e-commerce revenue generated in the US comes from purchases made in more than one day. The same research concluded that 65% of total revenue comes from purchases made in more than one step. Expedia recently revealed that consumers will conduct as many as 38 visits to travel sites before booking their trips.  There’s an obvious trend here!!

So what does this data mean? For starters, it indicates that consumers are making fewer impulse purchase decisions, especially online. With the amount of information available in the digital world, research is a huge part of most consumers’ purchase process. If your digital marketing strategy is built on the foundation of a sales funnel that doesn’t involve multiple digital interactions, then you are ‘missing a trick’.

Think about the last time you purchased a new product or service. Let’s take as an example buying a new next-gen gaming system. Even if you’re a lifelong PlayStation or Xbox fan, you will still research the systems before making the ultimate decision: Xbox One or PS4? The gaming industry doesn’t think consumers are taking the decision lightly either: just google ” Xbox One vs. PS4″. These are well-known brands and products, and consumers are still seeking third-party information and reviews before making a purchase. Imagine what shoppers are thinking when they need to buy a totally foreign product or service.

It is therefore essential for every online business to encourage and develop the supporting information consumers are searching for, before they will make that purchasing decision. People are desperate to know what other people think about your products and services, so develop a strategy to actively encourage customers and clients to post reviews and testimonials online.

The Benefits of Social Relationship Management

A few years ago, you might have heard people say “social media is useless” or “Twitter and Facebook are just fads” and then casually go about their days. These individuals may have even been marketers or high-ranking members of big companies.

The truth is, companies and beleaguered marketers tried to ignore social media because it was new and confusing; they didn’t know how to use it for business and it seemed difficult to figure out, so they secretly hoped it’d go away. Instead, social media grew and prospered. There have been millions of dollars spent on social ads, IPOs launched, and hundreds of incredible social media campaigns to prove that social media is here to stay. Except it’s a much different beast than it was even a few years ago.

These days, brands and business are expected to have vibrant social media presences on all the major platforms. Not only that, but they’re expected to engage with customers in real time. That’s a bit of exaggeration for effect, but still, studies show that 1 in 4 Facebook and Twitter users believes companies should reply to their complaints on social media within one hour. The majority of the time when a customer’s expectations are not met, a sale does not follow.

Raise your game with social relationship management

Social media is tough, time consuming and just plain difficult to manage, especially across multiple platforms. Enter social relationship management. The concepts, tools and strategies of social relationship management enable you to more effectively manage your social media presences.

For marketing departments (and even small businesses willing to outsource and collaborate), social media relationship management empowers you to manage your social relationships within a team.

By sharing the load, your team will be able to engage more often, respond to inquires and complaints in less time, and have more fun with social media.

Without sacrificing your brand’s identity or automating tasks that depend on real human emotion, social media will immediately become an easier and more efficient marketing channel.

Responding to a customer post within an hour will no longer be a challenge, but ‘business as normal’!

Video – 5 Key Benefits of Social Relationship Management

Effective use of social media networks can improve customer engagement.

Implementing a Social Relationship Management strategy across all social networks used by a business will help deliver results faster and more consistently.

Using Social Relationship Management tools, such as Hootsuite,  can help businesses to implement coordinated, collaborative processes so delivering a consistent approach to social media.

The short video below reviews  five important benefits delivered through use of these tools.

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