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Improve your Landing Pages to raise ROI – Infographic


Improving Customer Acquisition – Video

Customer acquisition is the key objective for the digital marketing strategy for almost every company.

This video highlights five essential components to incorporate into that plan to help ensure success.

1. Research the market.

2. Create and curate targeted content

3. Monitor and analyse activity

4. Make marketing decisions based upon data

5. Be mobile friendly first.

4 Techniques to Improve Targeted Lead Generation

Is your on-line advertising delivering the results you want and/or expect?

Does it consume budget but deliver poor results?

One important area to consider is the targeting of those campaigns. Many business have the right messages and advertising content but just not showing it to the people who might be interested.

So rather than hoping someone relevant sees your ad, there are techniques you can use to significantly improve the probability that the right people are targeted by your advertising.

Our video explains four techniques for improving targeted lead generation.


1. Pay-per-click and Adwords advertising – monitor the data to see which keywords and ads are delivering the right traffic and tune the campaigns accordingly.

2. Micro-targeting – don’t have a ‘one campaign fits all’ approach. Instead build different campaigns to address the  needs of different sectors of your target community. And use data for unsuccessful campaigns to improve the targeting of new campaigns. Use social media advertising to target based on demographic data.

3. Retargeting – a powerful technique to retain brand visibility to an individual during their buying process.

4. Location targeting – most searchers are looking for a local solution to their need. Target ads based on their location, or yours! And make sure your site is mobile friendly, as more and more location-specific searches are made from mobiles.

Improve ROI of On-line Ads – Cheat Sheet

Did you know that 96% of people leave a website without buying anything or taking any action?

Or 49% of people will visit 4 or more websites before making a purchasing decision!

With remarketing techniques,  you can produce targeted messages and display ads to lure them back to your site.

Effective selling means being in the right place at the right time, and remarketing can keep your brand in front of people during their buying process.

The result is a greatly improved Return on Investment from your online advertising.

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Remarketing to Improve Advertising ROI