5 Great Ways to Improve Brand Promotion

Brand visibility and brand promotion are important for most businesses.

This video highlights five important areas which are often neglected by many marketeers. Each can help raise the visibility of your brand with your target audience.

The five key components of the strategy comprise:

1 Using Google Adwords Ad Extension can increase the effectiveness of campaigns

2 Advertise on YouTube, it is the No2 search engine.

3 Google’s Display Network can give visibility to your ads when people are browser other websites.

4 Remarketing advertises to previous visitors to your website, and can significantly raise conversion rates

5. Don’t forget mobile. Make sure your website and your marketing is mobile friendly.

How to create Share-worthy Content – Cheat Sheet

share-worthy-contentSome businesses are cautious about the use of social networks and consider it too risky for their brand promotion strategy.

However careful implementation of a well planned strategy will generate great results. And the more the content published in that campaign is shared, the greater the benefit in terms of brand promotion and visibility.

Download our Cheat Sheet on creating Share-worthy Content – five simple tips to help you create content that people will read and share.


How To Fix 5 Content Marketing Mistakes – eBook

Content Marketing eBookOur new eBook is called  How to Fix The 5 Content Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making .

It features the most common mistakes that businesses make in the area of content marketing, as well as describing solid and effective strategies you can use to steer the content marketing course of your company.

To learn more about Content Marketing,  call Andy on 01928 787026.

How to build online Brand Authority

Your business is continually being checked out on-line, whether you know it or not.

It is therefore essential to ensure that your prospects are building a positive image of your business during their due diligence research. That means not relying upon third party web sites, but implementing your own strategy to build Brand Authority.

The five key components of the strategy comprise:

1 Content marketing – demonstrating expertise  and knowledge

2 Social media marketing – encouraging engagement with the business

3 Video marketing – component of content marketing. Excellent for showing personality of a business and client testimonials.

4 Personalised marketing – delivering tailored messages to the right person and the right time

5. Reputation marketing – establishing and promoting review process to encourage customer feedback.

Social Selling – Certified!!! #socialselling

WSI Social Selling Mastery Course


Earlier today, Andy Wooles of WSI Chester successfully completed the Social Selling Mastery course and passed its associated certification exam.

With the training spread over 12 one hour instructor-led webinars, course attendees are shown how to integrate the use of social networks such as Linkedin and Twitter into their daily sales routine to build their prospect pipeline, influence buyers and gain competitive intelligence.

The webinars themselves are reinforced through regular homework using the tools, and there is continued access to the webinar materials for 12 months after graduation.

Many B2B sales organisations have found that the performance of teams deploying social selling techniques have significantly exceeded the performance of those using traditional techniques such as cold calling. Major sales organisations like Oracle are training their sales teams worldwide to use the power of social selling.

If you’d like to learn more about how social selling can help build your business, give me a call on 01928 787026.