5 Social Media Content Ideas for better Customer Engagement

As discussed in previous posts, effective content marketing can improve your company’s web visibility, increase traffic levels and help nurture existing prospects to become clients.

However the quality of the content is critical to whether your content marketing will raise customer engagement and so deliver business results.

This video outlines 5 ideas to help develop content that will be attractive and interesting to your target audience:-

1. Educate your readers by sharing knowledge
2. Ask questions
3. Share relevant third party content adding your own content
4. Use visuals (images, video) as much as possible
5. Make your content shareable.


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Who needs a Website Migration Strategy!

At some point, every business will decide it is time to improve, update, redesign, refresh their website. It might be triggered by a re-branding, new products, new directions or just the feeling the current site is looking ‘old’.

So the business engages a web agency and a number of months later a sparkling new site appears on the internet, and the old one is consigned to the archives of the web.

But then for many businesses the euphoria disperses rapidly as they realise that their sparkling new site is being ignored by Google and no longer features in the rankings, and that their traffic levels have dropped.

So what went wrong?

Fundamentally you cannot demolish one site, replace it with a different one and hope everything will be fine. This can destroy a site’s hard won reputation in the eyes of the search engines as it damages their trust in the integrity of the site.

But it need not happen!

If you were planning to demolish a house and build a replacement on the same plot, you would carefully plan the transition from one to the other, and it should be no different in the world of web development. Yet it is surprising how few web agencies do it – they just assume they are building on a ‘green field’ site with no legacy to protect.

Web site migration is a series of tasks which can help to ensure the impact on your business of the site switch-over is minimal. It can help protect traffic levels and web rankings, existing links and reputation. Yes, there is a cost, but why would you not want to retain and protect your existing reputation rather than starting from scratch.

There is a lot of information on the web from reputable sources on the types of actions to be considered. This guide is arguably one of the most comprehensive - http://moz.com/blog/web-site-migration-guide-tips-for-seos

WSI  regularly provides guidance assistance to clients and their web agencies on planning and implementing website transition strategies. If you are planning a website refresh, talk to us about planning the transition.

Struggling with Content Marketing? Try these fixes!

Your content marketing strategy might be struggling, but the good news is there are some easy fixes. By implementing just a few of these simple changes, you’ll likely be doing much more than your competition:

Create personas: drawing up customer personas for all the various types of people who are interested in your products and services can make a significant difference in your marketing efforts. Creating personas will help you get more in tune with your customers’ needs and therefore give you the insight to create better content.

Cater content: once you have an understanding of who your customers are, you can start to think about how each one of your personas moves along the buying cycle. Your personas are likely to move at varying speeds, which means they are asking different questions that require different answers. The more you can break down and specifically target your content, the better.

Plan and schedule: as with most things, having a plan makes things more efficient. You might not follow the plan exactly, but at least if you map out and schedule your content, you can hold your team accountable for deadlines. If you leave content for “when you have time” it’ll never get the attention it needs to achieve success.

This has only been a brief outline as to why you should re-assess your content marketing strategy. Content marketing needs time and complete commitment in order to be effective. For further information and guidance on how to redesign your content marketing strategy, call your local WSI Digital Marketing consultants today on 01928 787026.

Attract New Customers with Content Marketing in 5 Simple Steps

Effective content marketing can improve your company’s web visibility, increase traffic levels and help nurture existing prospects to become clients.

This video outlines 5 key steps to content marketing excellence:-
1. Know your own USP
2. Research your target audience
3. Understand your customers’ buying cycle
4. Create relevant, engaging content
5. Develop a content publishing calendar to manage implementation.


If you are interested in attracting new customers to your business using content marketing, contact WSI Chester today on 01928 787026.

Content Marketing Mistakes Could Be Damaging Your Strategy

It’s no secret that content marketing has exploded over the last few years. Everywhere you look there’s content, content and more content. For a while, marketers were extremely excited that so many businesses were on board with such an effective digital marketing tactic. But as content is churned out at an increasing rate, it’s become painfully obvious that the Internet is now saturated with too much content.

You’re thinking, “If content is so great, how could there ever be too much of it?” The problem is the wide range of quality in the mass amounts of content being produced – and the unfortunate fact that most of it just isn’t very good. There’s a huge misconception about content marketing that seems to be the root cause of a lot of struggling content strategies: content doesn’t work the way most people think it does.

As the demand for content continues to rise, businesses and even marketers are losing sight of the actual function of content marketing. When a company publishes a blog post and people read, like and share it, the blog should be considered a success. However, many businesses believe that since their piece of content did well, anybody who reads it will immediately make a purchase. That’s not how content works.

Be Passionate About Your Customers

What all of this means is that you need to start differentiating your content and help it rise to the top of the content food chain. There’s no reason to stop creating content, but you also can’t ignore the fact that it’s becoming harder to get content in front of enough people for it to be effective. One of the easiest ways you can start to re-think your content strategy is by getting to know your customers.

Instead of putting your company or even your customers’ potential interest in your products first, just become passionate about your customers and who they are. Once you’re familiar with your customers’ likes, dislikes, occupations, personality types and what they spend their money on, you can put yourself in their shoes and essentially become a customer. What better way to find out what kind of content they really want to read?

Planning your content strategy is essential for the long term success of your digital marketing. Contact WSI Chester on 01928 787026  today for advice and guidance.