Separating the Public from the Private online?

Should you keep your business contacts separated from your social contacts when joining social networks?

Do you use Facebook for friends and LinkedIn for business colleagues?

There’s a great discussion kicked off by a post from Natalie on the FutureNow blog a few days ago on the benefits and pitfalls of the two strategies.

For many people, I believe there is a strong argument for mixing the two – it shows the ‘whole’ person rather than an appropriately filtered version. As any regular networker will tell you, you never know who people know and what they might need tomorrow. Combining your networks could ultimately therefore be beneficial in generating new opportunities.

Of course, before merging the work and social networks, you may wish to do some ‘housekeeping’, depending upon what has accumulated within your Facebook, MySpace or other social media profile!

And continue to do so after……

If Facebook is the centre of your social universe, don’t forget it has lots of security facilities to allow you to control who can see what.  So why not put all your ‘business’ contacts into one Group and limit what they can see eg. no Wall posts, no Photo galleries.

What do you think?

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