The Decline and Fall of the One-Stop Shop (Online!)

According to a study conducted by Google, 47% of e-commerce revenue generated in the US comes from purchases made in more than one day. The same research concluded that 65% of total revenue comes from purchases made in more than one step. Expedia recently revealed that consumers will conduct as many as 38 visits to […]

One in five US and UK consumers did all of their Christmas shopping online

A new Econsultancy survey has confirmed what many of us suspected. It found that in the UK a majority of people (61%) said that they completed more than half or all of their Christmas shopping online in 2013, while just 7% completed all of their shopping offline.

In the US the results were similarly slanted […]

Search Optimisation of E-commerce Sites

Online sales need online visibility!

If your business relies on an eCommerce site, then you know it’s important to appear in the organic search results ahead of your competitors; especially if your competitors are selling the same products online. Having top rankings for an eCommerce website is crucial for long term success in the […]

Why do consumers abandon online purchases?

Its a common problem for most online shops – they attract lots of visitors but few of them make it as far as exiting through the check-out.

So why do people decide to stop shopping in one store and head off to the next internet store?

Recently Econsultancy surveyed 2000 UK consumers to assess why […]